Coury, Thomas M.D.

“It is the goal of Urology Associates of Port Huron to offer our patients practical and personal solutions to all urologic conditions utilizing best practice guidelines and advanced technology.”   Dr. Coury has brought this philosophy back to his native Port Huron community from the most sophisticated urological training in the world.

After Dr. Coury graduated from Notre Dame in 1976, he entered the coveted urological training program at Indiana University where there are world-renowned leaders in urological oncology and urinary stone disease.  The IU program is an extended residency that includes a year of research and pediatric urologic training.  Dr. Coury’s research was primarily urinary stone disease and new minimally invasive techniques treating kidney stones.

Dr. Coury continues to look to the future by making changes to improve the urologic services to his community and the thumb area of Michigan.  “Our recent merger with Comprehensive Medical Center facilitates collaboration with our new partners who have urological fellowship specialty training.  Urological specialists in laparoscopy, pediatrics, infertility and complex female pelvic floor disorders are just a phone call or email away.”  Dr Coury explains the added benefit of the merger to his practice is more frequent educational opportunities focused on urologic care. 

In addition to general urology, Dr Coury brings experienced and skilled care to patients with urinary stone disease, and urologic malignancies.  He utilizes advanced minimally invasive laser technology for treatment of BPH.  Dr Coury has extensive experience in managing female and male incontinence using new “sling” procedures and implants.  Finally Dr Coury offers urological plastic procedures and implants for male genital disorders and impotence.


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