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Hi friends. I hope you are healthy and in good spirits.

As President of Comprehensive Urology I have been at the forefront in trying to maintain critical urologic services to our patients from over 20 locations.

Fortunately 3 months ago we initiated a Telemedicine program through Evite. I had planned to roll it out over 12 months but as they say in Yiddish: “man plans and God laughs.”

So instead, over a hectic 48 hours we have gone to telemedicine practice-wide and are available to help you with your urologic issues in this surreal period of isolation.

You can download our easy to use Comprehensive Urology telemedicine app at the App Store or Google play.

You can set up a virtual appointment by calling 248-336-0123. With elective surgery on hold until May 1st , we have plenty of availability to provide this vital service.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy!

Howard Korman, MD. President

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