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Chief of Pathology 

Urologic Research

As part of Comprehensive Urology’s ongoing commitment to improving patient care, our providers are actively involved in many research studies.  These studies typically seek to improve our ability to treat or detect different conditions, or offer our patients cutting-edge treatments, in partnership with industry-leading companies.  While you are a patient at Comprehensive Urology, you may be asked to participate in one of our studies, by either your provider or a member of our research team, if you happen to fit one of our studies.  These studies are completely voluntary, but we would appreciate your willingness to listen to any potential opportunities we may have to offer as we look to stay at the forefront of healthcare. 

The Director of the Comprehensive Research Department is Kirk Wojno, M.D.  Dr. Wojno is a nationally acclaimed expert in Urologic Research and Pathology with a special interest in Molecular medicine. He travels throughout the United States, Canada and Europe to teach and lecture about Urologic Research. He is on the Board of multiple research companies.

Comprehensive Urology is also a founding member of the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC), in partnership with the University of Michigan and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan.  This is a physician-led quality improvement collaborative, established in 2011, comprised of a consortium of urology practices (academic, private practice, community) across the state of Michigan designed to evaluate and improve the quality and cost efficiency of urologic care.  Our MUSIC team is led by physician practice-champions, our MUSIC director, and data abstractors.

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