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Adult Circumcision

Adult Circumcision


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Adult Circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin covering the tip of the penis. It is most commonly performed on infants; however, some adults choose to have the procedure for religious, cultural, cosmetic, personal hygiene, or medical reasons.

If circumcision would alleviate a medical problem, for example problems retracting the foreskin, insurance may cover the procedure. When a medical problem isn’t present, the procedure is considered elective. Most insurances do not cover the cost of an elective adult circumcision, although each plan is different.

Testing and Treatment

Adult circumcision is more complicated than infant circumcision, but it is still considered a minor surgical procedure.

The procedure is performed in a out-patient surgery center while the patient is under general anesthesia (completely asleep). The man will leave the surgery center the same day as the operation. Most men return to work after a week and return to sex after 4-6 weeks, when the area has fully healed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you have a medical problem that would be corrected by circumcision, the procedure is usually not covered by health insurance, although each policy varies. You can call the 800 number on your insurance card to ask whether an elective adult circumcision is a covered benefit, or call our insurance and billing department, and our insurance specialists will help you understand the benefits of your policy.

For patients whose insurance does not cover an adult circumcision, the urologist/surgeon’s fee at Urology San Antonio is $625. The surgery center and anesthesiologist will invoice you separately for their services, making the total cost of the procedure close to $3,200. (This information was last updated in November 2014. Contact our insurance and billing department for the latest pricing information.)

For the first 48 hours after the procedure, you should recline and rest. Most men return to work after a week and return to sex after four to six weeks when the area has fully healed.

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