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Dr. Levin received his bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in public health at the University of North Florida, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Kappa Phi. He gained research experience as the research coordinator for the Division of Urology at University of Florida Shands-Jacksonville. He received his Medical Degree from the internationally renowned Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, receiving the Hillel Nathan Prize for Academic Excellence in the Course of Anatomy. Dr. Levin then completed a urology residency at Wayne State University, followed by a clinical fellowship in Urologic Oncology at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Florida, with a focus in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. He is board certified in urology.

Dr. Levin is affiliated with Beaumont Troy, McLaren Macomb & Oakland, and St. Joseph Mercy Pontiac hospitals. He is a member of the American Urologic Association and the Michigan Urologic Society. He specializes in urologic oncology with a focus on minimally invasive surgery, utilizing the DaVinci Robot to provide the best possible care for his patients.

Dr. Levin is one of the largest provider of Rezūm in the state of Michigan. Rezūm Therapy is an in-office treatment for men looking to treat BPH, not just the symptoms. It uses natural water vapor to reduce the size of the prostate and provide lasting symptom relief from BPH symptoms without invasive surgery or the potential side effects of prescription drugs.

During the Rezūm Therapy, natural water vapor is released throughout the targeted prostate tissue. When the steam contacts the tissue and turns back into water, all the stored energy is released, killing the excess prostate cells. Over time, the body’s natural healing response absorbs the dead cells and shrinks the prostate. With the extra tissue removed, the urethra opens, relieving BPH symptoms. Without the need of a permanent implant, this natural treatment option removes the excess BPH tissue and thereby treats the disease and not just the symptoms. To learn more – go to

When not providing urologic care, Dr. Levin spends time with his wife and two children. He enjoys cooking, playing guitar, exploring the outdoors and traveling.


Sackler school of medicine at Tel Aviv University


Detroit medical center


Wayne State University

Fellowship – Urologic Oncology

Cleveland Clinic Florida- Urologic Oncology

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